4 February 2020

Homemade cosmetics: pros and cons

The Slow Cosmetique invites us to make some cosmetics ourselves in a DIY mode. But what are the benefits and limits of homemade cosmetics?
6 December 2019

For a natural, non-toxic house!

Our homes are unfortunately full of chemicals or pollutants, which can be the cause of eczema, asthma or allergies. Here are some tips for a natural cleaning and a house without toxics…
6 December 2019

Traveling light with these zero waste beauty tips

Which beauty products to take on a trip next holiday? Slow Cosmetique shares its best zero waste tips!
20 June 2019

Head towards minimalism with Slow Cosmétique!

Less bottles, less expenses, more noble and healthier products… There are only good reasons to adopt minimalism in the bathroom! The Slow Cosmétique movement explains how.
23 May 2019

Stop to plastics in cosmetics !

Stop to plastics in cosmetics ! The Slow Cosmétique Association is campaigning for a total ban on plastics in cosmetics. We explain why there is still work to do…
13 May 2019

Cosmetic should not (always) be gender specific

Cosmetic should not (always) be gender specific In Slow Cosmétique, we avoid as much as possible excessive marketing. When we are offered a specific product for men or women, we wonder if it is justified. Sometimes it is, sometimes it is not… […]
30 November 2017

Conventional beauty vs. Slow Cosmétique, which differences?

Conventional beauty versus Slow Cosmétique, which differences? All year long, media often expose the widespread use of toxic chemicals in cosmetic products. What is important about this claim? And what is the position of the “Slow Cosmetique” movement? The beauty […]
1 June 2017

USA brands get the Slow Cosmétique Label!

For the first time, the Slow Cosmétique Association has certified brands in the US. These brands have been examinated by our team during 3 months. All their formulas have been screened, as well as their allegations and marketing tools. We […]