Traveling light with these zero waste beauty tips

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20 June 2019
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6 December 2019

Which beauty products to take on a trip next holiday? Slow Cosmetique shares its best zero waste tips!

Between the products that accidentally spill on our clothes, those who do not fit in the suitcase for lack of space, and those who do not comply with the air security directives, prepare toiletries is sometimes a holiday puzzle! So why not opt for a simple but complete toilet bag with zero waste tips?

Zero waste cosmetics?

The Slow Cosmetique repeats it often, the best waste is the one that is not produced! Solid cosmetics are all good on this since the Cornelian dilemma of “good cosmetic packaging” no longer needs to be.

Solid cosmetics combine all the good points: they do not flee, weigh almost nothing while reducing your waste to nothing, in short, they are perfect for traveling! And if you choose them labeled Slow Cosmetique, you also have the guarantee that they protect the environment and your health while supporting a truly committed craftsman.

In concrete terms, zero waste in the bathroom, and in your suitcases for the holidays, how does it work? Simply on minimalist mode, multi-purpose with the lightest and most practical packaging possible! Follow the guide!

The 5 tips beauty zero waste to travel light

1. A shampoo-body bar

The multi-purpose cold process soap helps wash both the body and hair: the top on minimal holidays! The cold process soap is a very nice ecological, healthy and zero waste option, as well as the shampoo bar. Both are easy to transport and last as long as two bottles of their liquid equivalent.

2. A solid toothpaste

Want to save some space and even brush your teeth during your trip? Choose the minimalist and ecological version of the tube of toothpaste: solid toothpaste! About the size of a pebble, it is THE indispensable partner of your travels. Just rub the wet toothbrush on the product to take a bit and brush, it washes teeth perfectly.

3. An oriculi

Since 2020, the cotton is banned for sale in France, and Europe follows this path too, so how to replace it to keep your ears clean? It’s simple, use an oriculi. This instrument from Asian countries helps to clean the ears. It is practical, ecological and economical because reusable for life and not taking up much space. Adopt it without hesitation!

4. A solid deodorant

The essential of summer holidays in all serenity: the solid deodorant. Super practical to take thanks to its small size! Just rub it gently on your wet armpits at the beginning of the day, and you’ll stay cool (if not apply again in the afternoon if needed)

5. A carrier oil (and washable wipes!)

A carrier oil is very practical for traveling: it removes makeup, moisturizes face and body skin, heals damaged hair, massages aching muscles… In a word, it’s a real Swiss army knife!

And at the same time, do not hesitate to pack a small batch of washable wipes to replace disposable cotton balls and other cleansing wipes: they are reusable, easy to use and clean. There are different sizes, materials and shapes, for any of your needs

Looking for Slow Cosmetique certified brands in the US or UK? Check the world map here to locate them and visit their website!