What is Slow Cosmétique?

A way of using beauty differently

The Slow Cosmétique movement and the association by the same name were created in 2012 by the Belgian aromatherapist and cosmetician Julien Kaibeck, author of several books on natural beauty and the blog Lessentieldejulien.com.
Today, Slow Cosmétique is a consumer movement carrying out actions in various countries to raise public awareness and take the right steps for a more natural and simple beauty.
Slow Cosmétique is an eco-friendly and ethical approach based on a widespread will to promote a natural, healthy and simple way of using cosmetics.

" We are a Movement striving for responsible natural skincare. The current ecological and psychological impact of cosmetics weighs heavy on the planet, for our finances and our state of mind. Faced with this observation, some people say that alternative cosmetics is possible. "

Julien Kaibeck,
Founder of Slow Cosmétique

Categorically, today, what is Slow Cosmétique? It is:

This website is that of the Slow Cosmétique International Association, a not-for-profit association withinternational focus. Having legal form, our association is the only worthy representative of the global Slow Cosmétique movement.

The Slow Cosmétique association brings together volunteers: coordinators and active members, all actors for new smart, sustainable, eco-friendly and humane cosmetics.

The association also supports dozens of cosmetics brands, recipients of the Slow Cosmétique Award. These brands offer quality, more healthy and more eco-friendly products.

"Slow Cosmétique" is a registered trademark managed by our association. Brands may not use it for trading purposes unless they have received the Award from us. We provide on this site the list of the recipient brands of the Slow Cosmétique Award, which we welcome every year.

What is Slow Cosmétique?

A Founding Charter

The Slow Cosmétique Charter is the movement’s basis since 2013. It defines our founding values for smarter, sustainable, eco-friendly and ethical cosmetics. It is recognized and followed by our members.

Download the Charter in pdf here

1We want 'ecological’ cosmetics
Cosmetics must be formulated and used with respect for the environment.

The least processed natural and organic ingredients should be favoured in formulas, excluding any synthetic chemical ingredients, petrochemicals, animal abuse leading to death, as well as any ingredients potentially polluting the environment.

Cosmetics must strive to minimize its environmental impact in all spheres of its design and use. Short cycles and exchanges at the local level must be favoured.
2We want ‘healthful’ cosmetics
Slow Cosmétique is formulated and practised with respect for human, vegetal, and animal health. It is formulated with respect for nature and its life cycle without causing short of long-term harm. It ensures to not disrupt the body’s physiological functions.

In any doubt over the sanitary impact or action of a product, Slow Cosmétique follows the precautionary principle and satisfies itself with the available alternatives. Slow Cosmétique bars all animal testing, as well as any animal abuse by suffering or death.
3We want ‘smart’ cosmetics
Slow Cosmétique meets the skin’s real needs in a suitable and sound manner. It acknowledges the skin's basic dermatological needs, namely cleansing, hydration and protection, and meets them with sound products or rituals. To this end, it uses ingredients from available resources that bring something positive to the skin. It avoids wherever possible the inert, inactive or unnecessarily processed ingredients, as well as any ingredient capable of maintaining or improving the health of the skin to the detriment of the health of the rest of the body or the mind.

It encourages us to consume less but better, while leading us into direct contact with nature without looking to recreate the latter in an artificial way.
4We want ‘sound’ cosmetics
Slow Cosmétique does not make false promises, impossible to keep with regards to the nature of a product or a cosmetic ritual. It forbids itself from greenwashing, manipulation, and any form of airbrushing or concealment intended to deceive its contacts.

It is sold and bought at a fair price, which reflects the genuine quality of its formulation or service. The price is the result of an honest calculation, in direct connection to the development of the product or service upholding Slow Cosmétique values. It promotes ancient and traditional know-how while respecting ethics. In its development, it ensures the improvement of the standard of living for all actors in the production chain. It trusts the ingredients from nature or human talent, without seeking to claim exclusivity (biopiracy).

Decidedly positive and notanxiety-provoking, it recognizes the need for pleasure felt by humankind as a quality and encourages it to cultivate it in a simple way. It encourages the adoption of natural alternatives, beneficial for the body and beauty as well as the mind.