The Slow Cosmétique Award - Introduction

A label helping you to better select products!

Thanks to the Slow Cosmétique Award, consumers know a specific brand sells clean, natural products, and promotes them in a responsible way.

A bit like the AAA or Michelin rating guide that awards restaurants with stars, the Slow Cosmétique association awards stars to deserving cosmetic brands.
We rate the formula quality (natural and eco-friendly) but also the marketing involved (it has to be truthful).


The Slow Cosmétique Award - Introduction

An independent award

The Slow Cosmétique Award is independent of any pre-existing "organic" label.

It doesn’t want to play the role of these "organic" labels or replace them. The award is another way of guiding consumers towards products and services registered in a global approach committed to a sounder beauty, the Slow Cosmétique approach.

Inspired by Pierre Rabhi we like to say:

A cosmetic being organic isn’t enough to change the world, the company offering it must be committed or innovating in the right direction!

The Slow Cosmétique Award - Introduction

The Criteria

The Slow Cosmétique Award is received when a brand meets most criteria stemming from the official Slow Cosmétique Charter.

3 times a year, expert volunteers evaluate the file submitted by each candidate brand. These brands can be informed by our members who have discovered them, or they can apply to the office of the association.

Following a primary evaluation by members (complete analysis of the cosmetic’s file, the INCI, the PLV), the office of the association meets for discussion. The brand will be rewarded for the finesse of its formulas, but also for its commitment to a smarter, simpler, more eco-friendly and more humane cosmetic.

The Slow Cosmétique Award - Introduction


Each brand gets one to three stars.

A star with the Slow Cosmétique Award already means a lot, and even if a few points can be improved, members of the Slow Cosmétique association recall that a brand that received the Award is well above the market melee of cosmetics available for sale.

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Where to shop for Slow Cosmétique brands?


  • Most awarded brands are available on , our online partner marketplace.
    You can shop directly from there and get the products delivered where you live. The website only exists in French for the moment.
  • Quite a few awarded brands are available in the USA at organic shops, beauty salons and some selected stores.