International : we’re everywhere

International : we’re everywhere

As an international association under Belgian law, our address is in Belgium, near Brussels.
We also have a general coordinator in Paris, France.
You can contact us in English, Spanish or French, or any other language you think we would handle,
using the contact form here

Our scope is worldwide and we are proud to strive for responsible natural skincare everywhere:

International : we’re everywhere

In America

The Slow Cosmétique International Association has the support of volunteers and overseas partners in the US and America. Our movement for a more natural beauty slowly gets more popular every day, from Canada to Colombia!

La Asociación Slow Cosmétique trabaja con volontarios y socios tambien en America. Nuestro movimiento para una belleza más natural es cada vez más conocido, desde Canadá hasta Colombia!


Our friendly volunteers in California know why Slow Cosmétique is so important for a better skincare.
They are coordinating our action in the USA. They can be your contact person for any demand concerning Slow Cosmétique in the USA.
You can contact them as well as our international office in Belgium by messaging us directly using our contact form here.

Québec - Canada

There will always be a contact person for any demand concerning Slow Cosmétique in Canada. You can use the facebook group to contact canadian members directly.


Other countries in America - Otros paises en America

A few volunteers in Colombia, Brasil, Chile and Argentina help the Slow Cosmétique association in their home country. We do not have coordinators for those countries yet, though.

Algunos volontarios en Colombia, Brasil, Chile y Argentina ayudan a la Asociación Slow Cosmétique, cada en su país de origen. No tenemos coordinadores para aquellos países todavía, sin embargo.

International : we’re everywhere

In Europe

It all started in Europe. Slow Cosmetique is now a well established movement here, thanks to our volunteers and local coordinators who have never ceased to speak in public to make our action real in their home country.

The UK, France and Belgium

The international coordination of the Slow Cosmétique association takes place in Paris, France, and Silly near Brussels, Belgium.

Since 2012, a dense network of contacts with the public and cosmetics professionals has been established throughout France, the United Kingdom and elsewhere in Europe.

Coordination of the Slow Cosmétique association for the French-speaking world is managed by Constance Sycinski in Paris, France. She was editor of the movement’s launch books, including the best-seller "Adoptez la Slow Cosmétique".

Check our Official Facebook Slow Cosmétique French-speaking group


A Katia Dimitrieff le gusta la idioma de Cervantes! Ella vive cerca de Alicante, conduce talleres y coordina las actividades de la Asociación en España.


I nostri membri italiani sono appassionati di oli essenziali e benessere naturale. Coordinano le attività dell'Associazione in Italia.

Autres pays d'Europe - Other European countries

Many volunteers help the Slow Cosmetique Association in their home country and make our fight for a more sensible beauty real. Thank you all !

International : we’re everywhere

In Asia

Our international association is also present in China.

This huge market for skincare and wellness is now ready to welcome a more natural beauty, far from conventional cosmetics.

In order to make Chinese people more aware of the decieving composition of major products, and in order to teach to the Chinese consumers how to make their own beauty products with vegetable oils, essential oils and natural ingredients, we decided to be present in China with our partners there.
You can learn more about 诗绿可美 Slow Cosmétique on our Wechat/Weixin account. 

International : we’re everywhere



Quite a few people in Australia already know that the Slow Cosmétique Label promotes natural and reasonable beauty products and routines. We still do not have a volunteer coordinator in Australia but have a friendly and close link with organisations like SlowfoodBrisbane or

International : we’re everywhere

In Africa


Thanks to Wafa and Cynda among others, an official facebook page for Slow Cosmétique in Tunisa exists

We also have close contacts with Moroccan and Algerian raw material producers, as they are famous for argan oil and rhassoul clay.

Many of our certified brands are producing their own shea butter in Benin or Cameroun.