Making a Donation

Making a donation to Slow Cosmétique AISBL

Do you support the principles and values of Slow Cosmétique? Would you like us to take stronger, more noticeable action?

You may, if you wish, support us by making a donation to our association via paypal or by bank transfer.

By making a donation to our association, you enable us to exist and act in according to the values of our Slow Cosmétique Charter. The amount is of course free but set to a minimum of $15.

Donate to our    Paypal.

Prefer a bank transfer? Pay the amount to Slow Cosmétique AISBL in Belgium:

-International bank account IBAN : BE69 0016 9302 6478

The association Slow Cosmétique AISBL is a not -for-profit association under Belgian law and for now our resources come only from:

  • free donations from members or non-members.
  • sales commissions and donations made on Web shop
  • potential profits generated from the sale of works or training
  • activities such as conferences, workshops or shows.