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6 December 2019
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4 February 2020

Our homes are unfortunately full of chemicals or pollutants, which can be the cause of eczema, asthma or allergies. Here are some tips for a natural cleaning and a house without toxics…

Toxic chemicals in my house?

If you use regular industrial cleaning products, varnishes or paints, your home may be polluted. Some studies like the University of Exeter (Santillo prove that the air of our homes is sometimes a “chemical soup” that can cause asthma, eczema, allergies and other autoimmune disorders.

The worst enemies are polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), phthalates, formaldehyde, arsenic and perfluorinated compounds (PFCs). It can be found in room sprays, repellents, household products, maintenance waxes, paints or varnishes, and of course in usual chemicals. PFCs are also found on some stoves or pans with a scratch-resistant or scratch-resistant coating.

The problem is not a specific product, but the accumulation of substances in the long term. In addition, recent years have brought complex substances into our homes, whereas in the past for the household we used more readily natural and inert products such as vinegar, bicarbonate, soap marseille or lemon.

Tips for a less polluted home

1. Vacuum carpets at least three times a week, and use Sommieres Earth (Terre de Sommieres) for stains.

2. Leave your shoes at the entrance or outside of living areas. Shoes bring all kinds of pollutants (residues of exhaust fumes, animal excrement and pesticides).

3. Place some domesticated plants known as “detox” although it is not scientifically proven that they “absorb” the pollutants (azaleas, bamboos, spider plants or chlorophytum comosum, succulents like crassula …).
Perfume the atmosphere only with quality essential oils diffusers and a mix of essential oils, or scented stones.

4. Forget wood cleaner sprays and prefer sweet almond oil or beeswax in a suitable preparation. See our Facebook group for recipes.

5. Replace PVC shower curtains with glass doors and avoid PVC tablecloths in favor of washable natural tablecloths. Wash your body with cold process soap, allepo soap or black soap from time to time.

6. If possible, use water-based or organic paints. Know that fast-drying paints contain more solvents than slow-drying paints.

7. Replace nonstick pans with stainless steel or enamel pans.

8. Use white vinegar diluted in water to clean chrome, windows, toilets … Add lemon juice for a stain remover effect. Finally, add sodium bicarbonate to a multi-surface cleaner.

You will find here very good black soap and even real Marseille soap there (also to use as stain remover or cleaner).

9. If you have put in place energy saving measures (insulation), make sure your home is still well ventilated (open the windows and let the breeze in on a regular basis).

10. Put children’s toys and textiles in the freezer once every six weeks to kill germs and mites in the house.

Ready for a try? Find some all natural cleaning products here.