Conventional beauty vs. Slow Cosmétique, which differences?

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1 June 2017
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13 May 2019

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Conventional beauty versus Slow Cosmétique, which differences?

All year long, media often expose the widespread use of toxic chemicals in cosmetic products. What is important about this claim? And what is the position of the “Slow Cosmetique” movement?

The beauty industry under inspection

‘UFC Que Choisir’ and ‘60 Millions de Consommateurs’, two French consumer organizations who are committed to their cause: in 2016 they released the results of multiple investigations concerning the beauty industry. Based on these investigations, they have revealed the usage of suspected toxic ingredients within a great majority of products.

At each publication, the press relayed the message, a message that is nothing but new. Indeed, many organic labels and the Slow Cosmétique Association have been revealing the truth about conventional cosmetics for years: yes, they are packed with synthetic, plastic and other petrochemical ingredients; yes, they are often polluting or damaging for one’s health or the environment.

These revelations made consumers panic as they were trying to figure out whether or not their bathroom shelf was affected. According to Slow Cosmétique, this is a futile task. This movement suggests to simply avoid all conventional beauty products.

There is no need to struggle to find the rare gem among industrial brands, when we can find numerous effective, natural alternatives. For the Slow Cosmetique movement, it is not only a matter of toxicity of an ingredient, but it is a whole social concern, as well as a health issue…

The position of Slow Cosmétique

According to the Slow Cosmétique movement, founded after Julien Kaibecks’ best-selling book “Adoptez la Slow Cosmétique“, it is not just the health issues or the toxicity of conventional beauty products that are concerning; They are obviously important, but there are other things in addition to their misleading formulas, that need to be pointed out and that we should consider when it comes to conventional products:

Petrochemicals, plastics etc. are not eco-friendly ingredients.


Why keep including a ton of doubtful ingredients when simpler and more natural alternatives do actually exist? Why keep including BHT, phenoxyethanol, PPG, dimethicone etc? Hundreds of naturally formulated products have been certified the Slow Cosmétique label and they are a proof that natural alternatives exist for all our beauty concerns.


Conventional beauty industry calls itself « innovative », but what has really changed in the past 50 years? The texture has maybe improved, but there are no revolutionary changes concerning our beauty routines.

Many conventional brands define themselves “natural”, while their formulas are packed with petrochemicals and plastics.

Even those “high end luxury” products, are packed with inferior and artificial ingredients, that are far from being considered green or natural. This is not what luxury is about!

More than 4000 products and 150 brands are Slow Cosmetic-labeled today. You can get your beauty products or your basic ingredients directly from the manufacturer on our website: It will be a life changing choice for your bathroom!