Cosmetic should not (always) be gender specific

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30 November 2017
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Cosmetic should not (always) be gender specific

In Slow Cosmétique, we avoid as much as possible excessive marketing. When we are offered a specific product for men or women, we wonder if it is justified. Sometimes it is, sometimes it is not… We take stock.

Shower gels, shampoos, deodorants and skincare are most often marketed differently according to gender: usually pink, glittering, rounded, products “for woman” do not mix with those darker (black, blue, more “rough” aspects, metallized) “for men”. But are these products really different ? The answer of the Slow Cosmetic movement.

Why are cosmetics so segmented ?

To meet certain specific needs

The Slow Cosmétique movement understands that men need products designed for them such as a good shaving oil, a good foam or a good shaving soap to shave. Ditto for aftershave which is more than a day care since it must repair and soothe the skin. More recently, beard care has also emerged and this is justified. On the other hand, “moisturizers”, “anti-aging”, “comfort” or hygiene products should not systematically be gendered, because what matters is that they correspond to the user’s skin type. It is true that a man often has the skin rather mixed or oily, but not always because it is also very often sensitive and reactive, even dry sometimes. In these cases, men can actually use any care (even if it is not marketed “For Men”).

It’s a question of money

If there is no real scientific justification for this logic of systematically distinguishing cosmetics for men and women, there is a financial one: to decline to infinity each product of hygiene or care for men and even more for women can generate new profits constantly… Some families have fallen into the trap and we understand them… “Oh! look Honey, this shower gel now exists in a “Super viril” and “Vanilla sweetness” versions, let’s take one each?! ” Off you go with 2 products in the shopping cart! (At this point, if we look at the price, we will most often see that women’s product are more expensive, the “pink tax” has passed by, especially for shaving foam for example!)

To lead consumers by the nose

Of course, there is no harm in wanting “your” product, with scents we like but be aware of the real reason why we choose to “double” its cosmetics (and the expenses and waste that go with it): is it because we think we HAVE TO (the bottle says that it is for men so I will not buy it if I am a woman), or because we WANT to?
In Slow Cosmétique, the choice of using a product for pleasure obviously has its place, wanting to have fun is a quite valid reason to buy if it brings well-being or self-confidence. The bottom line is that the purchase is always a CHOICE, not an action led by a misleading marketing message. But it is all too often the case, most consumers are convinced that the women’s cream can not be suitable for men, and vice versa, since it is written on the box that it is only for one of the two. We are far too often prisoners of the marketing constraints that surround us, do not fall into the trap!

What does Slow Cosmétique offer to this segmentation of products ?

For the Slow Cosmétique movement, multiplying the variations of similar products is obviously irrelevant, even less when it is for a gender issue. The skin is a living organ that works in much the same way for everyone, and wanting to restrict certain products to women or men seems as absurd as offering different foods according to gender, under the pretext that the stomach for example would not react the same and would not have the same need from one sex to another.

Should we remove the “men” section in cosmetics ?

No, of course. In Slow Cosmétique, all basic products are unisex and can suit both men and women (such as aloe vera gel that everyone loves for instance ;-)). However, most men still have little interest in their skin type and cosmetic issues in general. They are happy to be guided by the brands or the store that says “this is for you”. On the Slow Cosmétique shop, you will find a “Men” department to confirm to these gentlemen that these products can be a priori suitable for most of them, but also because the care of the beard or shave are important. The Slow Cosmétique movement works in parallel to inform them and make them more autonomous in their choices, the goal being that they quickly feel safe enough to share their products with their partner if necessary (or borrow them!), and gradually reduce their consumption because we do not forget the Slow Cosmétique creed: less is better 😉

Towards mixed cosmetics?

The Slow Cosmétique movement invites us to take back control of our purchasing actions and our ways of consuming. Long live multi-purpose and possibly mixed cosmetics! (We even find mixed perfumes in Slow Cosmétique!).

Yes, we can share soap, shampoo, cream and care with our partner. Just be sure for some of these products that the skin types are close, so the skin is even better pampered.

You can read this article (in french) to determine the right cosmetic ingredients for different types of skin, obviously mixed. Et voila! Here you are free of cosmetic brainwashing!

Illustration : (c) Vicky Leta